Reinvent Obsession

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In business you always need an edge. And that’s exactly what HP’s exquisitely engineered Premium range of professional high performance devices is designed to give you. Elite by name. Elite by nature.

Work life balance 2.0

Make way for a new and better style of working, made possible by mobile technology.

Technology for a great work life blend

Work your way with the world’s most exciting tools for the mobile professional.

And the winner is HP EliteBook x360

Tech tongues are wagging.

How do you choose the right device?

Start by asking yourself these 10 questions.

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“The most beautiful laptop we have ever seen”


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Form meets Function

The best of both tech worlds

Creating your own blend of success

Its place on the throne of time-management has been taken by ‘Work-Life Blend’.

The HP EliteBook Folio

HP’s business class EliteBook Folio with Intel® Core™ m7 vPro™ Processor and Windows 10 Pro

HP Elite x2

The ultimate device for the mobile worker?

Guillermo Gomez

How do you know if an HP product is reliable? When it’s been ‘Gomezed’!

Brandon Haist - Industrial Design Team

Meet Brandon, one of the guys at HP responsible for creating the ultimate user experience.

Movers, shakers and risk takers

We think you’ll be fascinated by what they’ve got to say.