By gyro UK

7 October 2016

Why has HP’s Spectre laptop become the tech community’s latest object of desire?

When people start talking about hardware in human terms, you know you’re witnessing something very special.

HP’s latest – and thinnest ever – premium laptop is inspiring such passionate language. Design and craftsmanship have come together in perfect harmony with performance and purpose. The result? A new icon of desire.

The sexiest Windows laptop you can imagine Wired

The Spectre has taken laptop design to an irresistible new level.  But, as we all know, being ‘sexy’ is not just about looks. The 10.4mm thin aluminium and carbon fibre body, weighing an oh-so-portable 1.1kg, contains an Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor for ultimate performance.

For Techradar, those processors are “a step up from the Intel Core M-powered MacBook…You might not think it's possible to build a super-thin laptop without compromise. But you would be wrong. At least that’s the takeaway after reviewing HP's Spectre 13.3, which offers top-notch performance.”

HP is beating Apple at its own game TECH INSIDER

The review goes on to rave about the Spectre’s “wonderful” and “tactile” full size keyboard with a full 1.3mm of travel that’s “far and away more satisfying than the MacBook 12’s keyboard… And let’s not forget that the Spectre 13.3 gives you not one, but two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a USB-C port.”

The most beautiful laptop we have ever seen InStyle

Just look at the full near edge-to-edge screen that “hovers over the keyboard base, held up by two crescent-shaped strips that magically tuck into the Ultrabook's svelte form… the HP Spectre is a downright stunner.” Again, Techradar’s words, not ours.

The Spectre’s also happens to be very cool – in every sense of the word. It features a cutting-edge hyperbaric cooling system so the processors run at their optimum temperature. And because the base is carbon fibre, even less heat is transferred to your lap. It is a little detail but one that is symbolic of why the Spectre is so special. The reviewers at LAPTOP put it very succinctly:

“HP’s Spectre is one of a kind”