By Nikhil Kalanjee

10 September 2015

Jose Moncada

Founder and CEO, Bolsa Social

EU civil servant turned social entrepreneur

The company

Bolsa Social, a 'crowdimpacting' platform that brings socially minded investors and entrepreneurs together. These relationships are based on core values of impact, innovation, scalability and transparency. Companies are chosen for both their commitment to answering a social problem and their ability to deliver returns. They offer great opportunities for non-speculative, patient investors looking to be part of positive and exciting projects.


Jose spent 12 years working in Spanish and European financial policy, holding positions in the Public Treasury, the European Commission and the European Securities and Markets Authority. After working closely with social entrepreneurs, he was inspired to leave the EU and set up Bolsa Social. Jose also teaches EU Financial Markets at the Sorbonne, inspiring the next generation of economists.

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