By Nikhil Kalanjee

10 September 2015

Iman Fadaei

Founder, CrowdSkills

Serial social entrepreneur

The company

CrowdSkills connects talented young digital freelancers with organisations that need their abilities. Unlike traditional recruitment platforms, the company works specifically with unemployed people who struggle to access the job market – giving them opportunities with a diverse range of international clients, including the UN and the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The successful company has developed a crowd-sourced pool of talent to draw from, and is continuing to expand globally.


Iman is a born entrepreneur. Since graduating with a degree in law, he's founded several socially conscious businesses. One of his successes is Ethical Art, which sells original art from around the world – then splits the profits 50/50 with the artist, and invests a portion of their take to sponsor a rural Masaai child to attend school. Solving business and social problems simultaneously is at the heart of his entrepreneurial vision, and underpins his work with CrowdSkills.

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