Top 5 ways to make meetings more productive

18 October 2016

3 min read

Let’s take a stand against wasted time in meetings. If you’ve ever left a 2-hour meeting without knowing what the point of it was for then this list of the top 5 ways to make meetings more productive is for you.

Top 5 ways to make meetings more productive (Desktop)

  1. Skype for Business

    Skype for Business has been designed with the modern business in mind. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch with your colleagues, whether they’re two desks down or two time zones away. With Group Video Calling you can communicate with up to 10 people at once, meaning it’s one of the easiest ways to get an entire team together, wherever they are.

    With freelance workers and remote teams across the world, calling could quickly turn into an expensive experience. Skype for Business can give you low rate business calls without cutting the quality of service.

    It doesn’t always have to be about video or voice either. With instant communication it’s a lot more efficient to get the answers you need to small queries. Let’s face it, you’re less likely to miss a red notification flashing in the bottom of your taskbar than you would one email amongst 76 unread.

  2. Are you on the guest list?

    In the same way an avalanche picks up extra snow as it slides down a mountain, so can email chains and meetings gather more and more attendees. How many times have you been invited when you have no idea what the subject is? When you’re sending the invites think twice. Be selective. Does Karen from Finance really need to be in this meeting about a creative brief?

    By keeping the guest list lean, you’ll be able to keep the agenda on track and there will be less fluff. It sounds mercenary but it’s essential for staying productive and efficient.

  3. Get the tech right

    Perhaps the most important part of the meeting. No one likes waiting 10 minutes for the chair of a meeting to awkwardly apologise for the conference call not connecting or the projector not projecting. Call ahead to IT and make sure that you have all the right programs set up ahead of time. If you need Webex to get into a conference call then checking that logins and plugins and updates are all sorted, along with all the right wires and connections are present and correct.

    Getting tech that’s built for communication helps too. The HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms can be configured to be the ideal collaborative communication PC. It’s a mini, modular PC that can include whatever you need it to, like the Collaboration Cover, which has touch sensitive call controls on it. Just tap to start, mute, end and control a calls. The Audio Module is made with premium Bang and Olufsen audio, so you can hear everything with 360 speakers and be heard with crystal clear dual-directional mics.

  4. Timing is everything

    If, by whatever miracle, you manage to complete your objectives in 25 minutes instead of the hour that was booked, don’t feel obliged to stick around and use the extra time to rehash points. Don’t open the floor to opinions. If there’s a consensus then take the early win and leave feeling happy, productive and ready to take on your next challenge.

    Alternatively, if your meeting is overrunning but everyone is engaged, on topic and really contributing fantastic ideas and energy to your project then don’t hesitate in letting it run over. The key is sensing the tipping point between prime time and dead time. Dead time is the point in which the light in people’s eyes goes out, more doodles than usual start appearing on notepads and half the people in the room are checking emails instead of contributing.

    There’s a fine line between these two stats of engagement, so don’t be afraid to call it when you see it. Everyone will thank you.

  5. Don’t surrender the agenda

    You entered the room with an agenda. Don’t surrender or get distracted. Using apps and programs to integrate into the meeting is a fantastic way to keep everyone focused and illustrate points.

Has this convinced you to turn over a new leaf when it comes to meetings? Discover how the HP Elite Slice can help you stay focused and get more from every interaction. And don’t forget there are more collaboration and workplace tips and tricks on BusinessNow.

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