Expert opinion: The biggest trends in tech right now

28 November 2016


Want to get a head start on the competition? We spoke to a team of experts at our developer event to get the insider’s tips on the hottest tech developments out there right now… and what’s coming next.

Tõnu Vanatalu

Tõnu is the Team Lead (Europe) at Microsoft, which means he has firsthand experience at shaping the tech that we use every day.

“I predict that computers will get powerful enough to bring natural interactions and artificial intelligence into play. Voice recognition, image recognition, robotics. All of that stuff. It already exists, it will just get exponentially better.”

“Voice recognition, image recognition, robotics... will just get exponentially better”Tõnu Vanatalu, Microsoft

Vitaly Knyazev

Vitaly is Founder & Lead Developer at Money Tracker Pro. His app is built with safe and secure mobile working in mind.

“These days we have multiple [devices]– we have phones, tablets, even wireless headphones. Everything that needs to be charged. They have to have cables with different interfaces. I predict that and believe that there will be one charger for a single device that will solve all of my problems.”

Zeshan Sajid

Zeshan is the app developer at Go Urdu, a translation app which makes it easy for people and businesses to instantly translate Urdu.

“The biggest game changer is virtual reality. One of the biggest uses could be teaching people a new language – for example doctors and lawyers. They need to know how to speak to people in another language... Augmented reality, where the user can interact with the real world as well… People [could] learn languages, where they’re put in real life scenarios. A person could be speaking to them and they don’t know what they’re saying. Then on the screen pops up the translation. That could be a game changer.”

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