Technology for a great work life blend

Work your way with the world’s most exciting tools for the mobile professional.

Achieving a work life blend beats money, recognition and autonomy when it comes to defining career success. That’s according to this report by Accenture, which also revealed that 70% of workers feel technology brings work into their personal lives. But is this is a bad thing? Not necessarily.

Because we want freedom, flexibility and fulfilment in our lives, it follows that we must bring down the partition between our professional and personal lives. Work is an inescapable part of our everyday (for the majority, anyway) and allowing it to creep beyond the 9-5 borders should be something we embrace. Now, we can shape our own schedule in a way that suits us. And the great enabler is technology.

As companies become more open to offering flexible hours and optional office time, the technology we rely on is adapting to meet these demands. The perfect work life blend can only be achieved if we have access to the right secure and connected tools that make the process seamless. If you’re looking to change the way you work and live, here are 10 of the latest tools, technology and apps to liberate you from traditional – and outdated – working practices.

Mobile Technology

To work freely and flexibly from wherever you want, you’ll need to arm yourself with the right mobile technology to make creating and collaborating with your co-workers or clients a flawless and secure process. With high-performance laptops getting lighter, handhelds getting more powerful and hybrid devices helping to reduce the load, mobile technology is helping us stay connected, keep communicating and complete work without disruption.

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Mobile Communication

Slack is one of the world’s most popular business communication platforms and for good reason. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and lets you organise all aspects of your team communication in clear project channels so you and your co-workers can stay on track every second of the day. Plus, it’s simple and secure to share your files with the ability to add comments and flags. Could it replace email? With two million members and growing at pace, it’s more than possible.

Skype For Business makes meeting in person a thing of the past, letting you collaborate with up to 250 people from one device. Integrated with Microsoft Office, you can schedule meetings, start conversations in Word and Powerpoint and chat securely – all conversations on Skype for Business are protected with authentication and encryption.

Mobile Collaboration

Evernote is a collaborative cross-platform app that lets you take notes, collect information, create project lists, brainstorm and organise work streams in one secure and speedy online space. Perfect for getting your team on the same page.

Todoist is a free Chrome-based task manager that helps you accomplish everyday tasks more easily and quickly. Set up alerts, collaborate with people across multiple devices and access your tasks from anywhere you like on your mobile, desktop or tablet.

SpeedDial 2 enables you to do more work in less time by replacing the new tab functionality in Chrome. Free and faster than the traditional new tab process, you have snappy access to your most visited web pages, bookmarks and browsing history.

Skitch from Evernote lets you grab, mark and share what’s on your screen in an instant, which makes it easier to see what your co-worker on the other side of the world is referring to. Gone are the days of waiting to upload or download a jpeg attachment on your email.

LastPass simplifies your life by remembering your passwords so you don’t have to. It’s a convenient and secure password locker that frees you up from the worry of getting locked out of platforms and losing access to your work.

Today’s technology, tools and apps mean an achievable work life blend is closer than ever. Get on board to stay connected, feel secure and enjoy the freedom to create and collaborate from wherever and whenever you are in the world.