By Elif Sivrikaya

6 October 2015

Businesses use a huge range of devices, but what puts a device that’s actually been built for business ahead of the competition?

Mobile computing is in the throes of a revolution. Advances in technology are allowing employees to enjoy flexible working and employers to feel the associated benefits of increased efficiency and productivity. The Elite x3 is the next step in mobile computing, allowing easier access to essential power, corporate programs and functionality without compromising your experience.

  • PC power in a handheld device
  • Optional docking solutions
  • Access to corporate apps

Seamless working means finding your flow. It means working in a way that suits you and not compromising your experience, no matter what your workstyle is. The Elite x3 combines the functionality of a phablet, laptop and desktop into a pocket-sized mobile device, and letting you work seamlessly across multiple screens with Windows Continuum.

  • Multi-screen flexibility
  • Windows Continuum
  • Phablet, laptop, and desktop experiences combined

When a device is built for built for business its been optimised to meet the expectations of business owners. It has been carefully tested, balanced and crafted to provide everything employees need to work more easily, efficiently, and securely which in turn raises productivity across the board. The Elite x3 understands business.

  • Extensive security features
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Beautifully sleek design – metal detailing and HP Graphite

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