Your workforce is a mobile target for visual hackers

28 March 2018

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Protect your business device screens from prying eyes with HP Sure View.  

Your workforce is a mobile target for visual hackers (Desktop)

Not all hackers are created equal. As businesses strengthen their defence against advanced cyber-attacks, many forget to stay vigilant about low-tech threats – like visual hacking.

Visual hacking happens when “shoulder-surfers” spy what’s on the computer screens and desks of others and obtain classified information for unauthorised use. It has been rated as the fifth most under-looked low-tech threat as it leaves no footprint and often goes unnoticed by IT professionals. It can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime. When it does, the implications are instant and irreversible.

An experiment, conducted by Ponemon Institute, found that 91% of visual hacking attempts were successful, and 52% of the captured sensitive information came from employee computer screens. These are unnerving statistics as the consequences of these attacks can be as damaging as network breaches; think anything from stolen user log in details to confidential customer information. If this data fell into the wrong hands, it could rock the trust and confidence of your customers, which would be detrimental to the future of your business.

Ensuring your employees are safeguarding their sensitive business data should be a business priority, especially with the rise of mobile working. Whether they’re working on a train, in a shared office space or in a coffee shop, today’s workforce is not afraid to make the most of mobile technology and take their work outside office walls. However, by doing so, they have fewer barriers to hide their digital information. Instead, they increase their screen exposure to passers-by and become potential targets to visual hacking; altogether, putting your business security at risk.

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore this growing low-tech threat; they must take action and double-up on their cybersecurity measures. This means better software, best practice security training and devices with built-in security features like HP Sure View, which is available on the   HP EliteBook 800 Series,  the world’s most secure and manageable PCs .

HP Sure View is one in a series of security solutions from HP and is the world’s only integrated PC privacy screen3.

“The addition of HP Sure View to our PC security solutions […] gives customers the freedom to work more confidently and productively in public space with the touch of a button.”

  • Alex Cho, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial PCs at HP

It works by reducing up to 95% of visible light at the press of a button and prevents side-angle viewing from visual hackers. What’s on the screen can only be seen by users who are looking straight on, so, no matter where you’re working, you can be confident that your information is protected and will not fall into the wrong hands.

However, when it comes to getting access to cutting-edge devices like this, it can be easier said than done.

That’s where computing solutions like HP Device as a Service (DaaS) can help. It’s a modern PC consumption model that simplifies how commercial organisations equip their employees with the right hardware and accessories, manage multi-OS device fleets, and get additional lifecycle services. HP DaaS offers simple, yet flexible plans, at one price per device. Combining this solution with a device, like the HP EliteBook 800 Series, can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

To find out more on how to protect your company devices, read our latest HP Sure View White Paper, and discover the benefits of HP security solutions to your business.



2 Based on HP’s unique and comprehensive security capabilities at no additional cost and HP Manageability Integration Kit’s management of every aspect of a PC including hardware, BIOS and software management using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager among vendors with >1M unit annual sales as of November 2016 on HP Elite PCs with 7th Gen Intel® Core® Processors, Intel® integrated graphics, and Intel® WLAN.


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