Workspace evolution and how tech keeps up with it

18 October 2016

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What does your workspace look like? We’re guessing that you could use more desk space for starters and could do with tech that actually matched your needs, instead of working around a device that doesn’t do everything you need it to. Meet the HP Elite Slice.

Workspace evolution and how tech keeps up with it (Desktop)

Workspaces are evolving nearly as quickly as the technology that fills them. We’re moving into a world of stylish and open-concept offices, where people have the flexibility to work how they want, where they want.

So while some choose to work remotely and go offsite, the majority of people are spending most of their time and energy inside the office.

The modern workplace has to contend with many pressures, from the needs of employees to rising cost of office space. One solution has been to go smaller, more mobile, to accommodate not only smaller budgets but smaller spaces.

The HP Elite Slice is one of the first of a new wave of PCs to undergo the miniaturisation process, becoming a unique, modular PC. Modular isn’t just an innovative way of giving users more control over their technology, it’s a fantastic way of extending the lifecycle of PCs.

“Modular has the potential to give the opportunity of choice to the people and enables for longer product life cycles, thereby reducing (electronic) waste,” Gawin Dapper, chief technology officer at Phonebloks. “When executed well, it also lets users choose their personal configuration and when using open standards, it also makes innovation more approachable.”

Above all, this is about innovative design. It's a good-looking PC and one that will smarten up any desk and help us move out of the post-tower era.Pocket-lint

It’s a response to the shrinking desk space and the rising number of devices that employees need to contend with on a daily basis. With a portable mini-PC that’s powered by a USB-C cable attached to a monitor, the space savings are immediately obvious.

The ultra-small and sleek looking device comes in a black finish with gold accents to match the company's Elite range of laptops and measures 6.5 x 1.38 x 6.5-inches and weighs just over a 1kg. Pocket-lint

Taking a modular approach means space saving and efficiency is at the core of it. If your desk is cluttered, then a massive tower with endless cables is going to feel like it’s taking over. Not to mention the trailing wires of chargers and other devices. By being able to build a PC with the essential components for every day work, it becomes easier to be productive and make the most of your space. For example, a wireless Charging Cover takes away the need for extra wires and plug socket space – just rest your smartphone on the top of the HP Elite Slice and it’ll charge on contact.

Swapping out modules was demonstrated to be super-fast, and it all looks simply gorgeous. That's somewhat of a rarity in business computers, so the attention to detail and style is
hugely appreciated.Tech Radar

It looks beautiful, engineered to match HP’s premium Elite range of laptops, and each layer is designed to fit easily and securely. Importantly, the base unit is powerful enough to keep up with the average working day, despite the compact size: An Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor and 32GB of memory, with a whole range of connectivity will fit into any workplace.

Security is a major concern for IT managers everywhere. While there’s more risk with a mobile device, the HP Elite Slice includes an optional touch fingerprint sensor for easy authentication and an extra layer of security, a way physically connecting it to the desk and all the security benefits of Windows 10.

The HP Slice