What does your business need to succeed?

22 June 2016


The best ideas, products and people can only be as successful as the technology that enables them to work, so what does your business need to succeed?

Security, manageability and performance are three essential pillars of business technology. Often you have to sacrifice one in order to have the others. Some devices aren’t particularly mobile but incredibly secure and powerful. Others are mobile and secure but sacrifice processing power and none, to this date, have been able to replicate a seamless desktop experience on the small screen.

This is about to change. The brand new HP Elite x3 is here to let you work your way without compromise.  The Elite x3 is built with the power of Microsoft Continuum, so you can have a seamless experience working on any screen. It’s time to work bigger; bigger screens, bigger functionality and bigger productivity gains. Just connect your Elite x3 to any screen and start projecting your desktop.

As Terry Myerson, executive vice president Microsoft says, the collaboration between HP and Microsoft “enables true mobility of experience.” When devices and software are designed to complement one another and support a new way of working, businesses feel the benefit.

Windows 10 on the HP Elite x3 offers unparalleled mobile security, remote management and the power of a PC in your pocket. It’s everything you need to run your business.

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