What does the word ‘office’ mean to you?

22 June 2016


As mobile technology advances at an astonishing place, do we need to ask ourselves whether the traditional office will soon be a thing of the past?

“Work is less of a place you go and more of a thing that you do, anywhere, anytime.” Dion Wiesler, President and CEO HP inc

Imagine being able to reinvent the way you work, so you can work smarter, think bigger and create more than ever before. The world of business technology is on the verge of something revolutionary.

From editing documents on the go and using full corporate apps on a mobile device, to plugging in to any screen and having access to your full office suite, this is the device for you.

With devices like the Elite X3 making working from a coffee shop as easy as a fully equipped office, it’s never been easier to explore the benefits that come from such a flexible approach to working. It’s time to reinvent how you work. The next generation of computing is here.

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