What are the biggest challenges in the world of enterprise tech right now?

27 November 2016


Staying current and giving your customers the tech they need to push their businesses to the next level can be daunting, so we spoke to HP’s Ilia Toshev, about the biggest challenge facing the world of enterprise tech.

Enterprise technology is a big business but not without risk. Delivering business leaders what they need to grow and expand their companies is essential in order to stay relevant. Ilia Toshev, Business Development Commercial Mobility EMEA at HP, thinks that the changing workforce provides a healthy challenge to enterprise tech developers everywhere.

“We see a new generation of ITDMs, a new generation of management coming on board and these people don’t only want devices that do the job, they want devices that look [good] and enable users to be productive...”Ilia Toshev, HP

Watch the full video below:

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