Want an easier life? There’s a service for that

1 November 2017

3 min read

HP Device as a Service (DaaS) has the potential to make your life easier, so we spoke to Bill Avey, General Manager & Global Head, Personal Systems Services, HP about the benefit to customers.

HP representative talking to HP customer on the telephone

What is HP DaaS

HP Device as a Service is a smart, simplified computing solution that is flexible and customisable to meet the needs of individual businesses. It brings together multi-OS devices, combined with proactive endpoint management services and analytics in simple yet flexible plans.1


Business support, every step of the way

HP DaaS can provide lifecycle services – a full birth to burial experience. Think of anything from data migration and back-ups to asset recovery. 

By providing organisations with the tools they need with Standard, Enhanced and Premium DaaS plans, there’s a best fit for everyone. So, from end user, performance and agility to cost predictability and security, HP takes the headache out of modern IT management.

Know your business on a deeper level

If you’ve ever struggled to identify ways to cut costs or improve productivity, then HP Analytics and Proactive Management could be exactly the boost you need. As an essential part of HP DaaS, our monitoring system just sits on your users’ desktops and lets us track all kinds of data and information. We’re not talking snooping on your employees either; this service provides useful data that can be used to create tangible benefits.

With HP DaaS and its unique Analytics and Proactive Management key component, we monitor and diagnose the health of our customers’ fleets, and apply the necessary fixes - irrespective of device type or platform – to deliver a more reliable and consistent computing experience to end users. We also act as the virtual security guard, applying the appropriate security policies and ensuring compliance with company, industry and regulatory standards.

The unique analytics data is captured across all managed devices, showing your IT department a dashboard for monitoring and understanding exactly how the business is running.

Your IT department and the users they support will all benefit from the productivity gains that come with a DaaS managed infrastructure. For example, we can take proactive actions when your team spots potential future problems and address them before they stop users working. And when you have devices on a refresh cycle, IT will no longer spend most of their time on maintenance; users will be faster and more productive on the latest technology.

You can provide a better experience to everyone in your business by pre-empting potential problems like, battery life. We all know that batteries deteriorate over time. If you could monitor, predict and intervene with a replacement before a battery was at the end of its life, think of the days or weeks of frustration and lost productivity which could be avoided.

HP Proactive Management runs on a 'X is doing Y, so we recommend Z to save money/time/improve productivity' policy. 

Diversity of hardware solutions

With HP SureStart we’ve got a better security story than virtually anyone. We act as the virtual security guard, applying the appropriate security policies and ensuring compliance with company, industry and regulatory standards.


This can extend to non-HP products too. HP DaaS is multi-vendor and multi-OS. With a huge selection of devices and services, it gives your organisation the chance to be truly adaptable and scalable to both the needs of your users and the growth plans of your stakeholders.

We’re there to support customers throughout the lifecycle from assessment and deployment to end of life, ultimately delivering a more reliable and consistent computing experience to end users.

With a bespoke DaaS solution from us, you can use every feature and benefit from the service. There’s no limit to the devices that can be included in your set up, but it’s worth considering what your fleet consists of currently and what what will be needed in the future.

If you run a fleet of non-HP products and want to transition fully to HP, then we can manage this for you, providing you the services to begin augmenting your current offering with HP devices.

Get what you need to grow

One of the easiest ways to stay in control of your organisation’s IT offering is to be aware of what’s actually going on within the network. So, having a service which monitors everything unobtrusively, and delivers tangible benefits and actionable changes off the back of it, will help improve everything from workflows to security updates and data backups.


Plus, for organisations which operate with strict compliance and regulations, the DaaS system can be tailored to make sure you stay compliant. This is particularly useful within the context of security – when you have one vendor managing your entire device and service provision, you’ll receive a better coverage of all endpoints.

When combined, these features all contribute to saving time, saving money and boosting efficiency across the board.

Learn more about how HP Device as a Service can improve your business productivity.