Want an easier life? There’s a service for that

30 November 2016

3 min read

HP Device as a Service (DaaS) has the potential to make your life easier, so we spoke to Bill Avey, General Manager & Global Head, Personal Systems Services HP, about the benefit to customers.

Want an easier life? There’s a service for that (Desktop)

What is HP DaaS?

HP Device as a Service is an enterprise level solution that is flexible and customisable to meet the needs of individual businesses. It brings together Devices, Services, Proactive Intelligence under one single, flexible contract on a per seat, per month basis.

At HP we’ve defined devices as… anything. Devices are desktops, notebooks, mobile devices, 3D scanners, printers – if there’s a type of device and HP is in the same space, we believe that the HP DaaS model can work with it.

Business support, every step of the way

HP DaaS can provide lifecycle services – a full birth to burial experience. Think of looking after the original Windows image, to the BIOS settings, asset tags and then to deployment of all sizes. It doesn’t stop there; data migration and back-ups are essential parts of the business lifecycle, as is the asset recovery at the end.

Cyber security is paramount to us, which is why our customers can hand over their used tech and trust that all data will be sanitised, before we resell and repurpose it in an environmentally friendly way. Not only that, we’re aware of the strict regulatory processes that businesses need to stick to, so all of our hardware processing is in line with your country and industry-specific guidelines.

Know your business on a deeper level

If you’ve ever struggled to identify ways to cut costs or improve productivity, then HP Proactive Intelligence could be exactly the boost you’ve been needing. Our monitoring system just sits on your users’ desktops and lets us track all kinds of data and information. We’re not talking snooping on your employees either, this service provides useful data that can be used to create tangible benefits.

We take this big data and run it through your IT department, showing them a dashboard for monitoring and understanding exactly how the business is running.

You can provide a better experience to everyone in your business by pre-empting potential problems:

Battery life – we all know that batteries deteriorate over time. If you could monitor, predict and intervene with a replacement before a battery was at the end of its life, think of the days or weeks of frustration and lost productivity which could be avoided.

The basic formula for results from HP Proactive Intelligence looks like this: We noticed X is doing Y, so we recommend Z to save money/time/improve productivity.

Diversity of hardware solutions

With HP SureStart we’ve got a better security story than virtually anyone. This can extend to non-HP products too. HP Proactive Intelligence is multi-vendor and multi-OS.

With a  bespoke DaaS solution from us, you can use every feature and benefit of the service. There’s no limit to the devices which can be included in your set up, but it’s worth considering what your fleet consists of currently and what it will become in the future.

If you run a fleet of non-HP products and want to transition fully to HP then we can provide services to begin augmenting your current offering with HP devices and manage the transition for you.

Get what you need to grow

HP DaaS came about as a result of requests from our customers. We started it as a direct response to a number of unsolicited requests from inbound customers. They needed a way to get more from their businesses in very specific ways.

In the past our partners have been struggling to combine disparate hardware with services, which is partly what makes HP DaaS such a revelation. It’s the easy way to take control of your business technology.

It also mirrors the changing culture of ITDMs. Most millennials have a predilection to a pay-as-you-go model. As more millennials rise to management positions, they expect the same convenience and seamless experience in business as they do in their personal lives.

Want to discover more about DaaS? Get in touch with our team for more information. While you’re waiting, check out some more expert opinions on BusinessNow.

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