The quick guide to ‘as-a-Service’ definitions

2 November 2017

2 min read

DaaS, PaaS, IaaS, there are more acronyms being added to the roster of services every year, so we’ve put together a quick reference guide to ‘as-a-Service’ solutions.

The quick guide to ‘as-a-Service’ definitions (Desktop)

Get to know your PaaS from your DaaS with this quick reference guide. Before long you’ll know exactly what services can save money, boost productivity and streamline your business.


DaaS - Device as a Service

This one-stop solution from HP helps you simplify your IT management, maximise your resources and get flexible pricing options to meet your changing needs. Build your own bespoke package with the right devices for the job, the most up to date software and a regular maintenance and support service.

By being able to monitor your devices with proactive analytics, you’re able to anticipate problems and optimise the performance of your fleet and your IT team.

Not only that, this type of lifecycle services cover everything from configuration to refresh at the end, thereby improving end-user support.


IaaS - Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a Service provides virtualised hardware, which is scalable with your growing business. It takes the complexity out of managing server space, bandwidth, load balancing and network connections. Not to mention, all of this hardware is hosted externally, meaning SMBs with small premises and limited support don’t have to worry about hosting in-house.


PaaS - Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service creates a space in which developers can create applications. By creating these within a virtualised environment, the tools and infrastructure that supports the whole process are externally managed. It sets developers and support teams free from needing to think about upgrading technical features, updating services and handling the servers. Since you don’t own anything outright, you only pay for what you use, making it achievable for SMBs to get access to high-level computing power.

Download the infographic to help your devices achieve top performance.



Software as a Service is one of the most popular aaS models. Buying access to software and using it from the cloud takes away the strain of buying it outright, as well as taking away the strain of installing it on multiple machines, managing updates and ensuring you have the computing power capable of running it.


XaaS - Everything as a Service

Everything as a Service provides anything and everything that a business might want or need. It’s the combination of fully customisable computing environments that create specific experiences to demand. Reliable internet connectivity and a resilient cloud platform are all that is needed to make it work.


DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as Service

Something that’s becoming more popular due to an ongoing cyber war with hackers, Disaster Recovery as a Service helps businesses to maintain continuity and bounce back from downtime in the event of data leaks, infections or server failure. They should be able to replicate infrastructure, applications, and data.


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