The next gen of computing is here… and it’s ready to work

22 June 2016


For too long we’ve been adapting the way we work to the devices that we have no choice but to use. That is about to change.

Accessories can help but often they just feel like add-ons, trying to a fix a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. They can often get in the way of productivity and prevent people from working in a way that best suits them. Remote and flexible working doesn’t feel very remote or particularly flexible when you need to carry around multiple devices and a whole host of bulky accessories.

Sometimes a device comes along that had the potential to change everything about how we work. The Elite x3 is a device which has been built for the needs of commercial business users. Imagine having the power of a PC in your pocket and the flexibility to adapt it to any working style. Connect it to the lapdock to extend the display onto a light and display, or connect it directly to any screen to turn any location into your new office.

All of that flexibility through one device. We think the x3 is going to revolutionise how we do business.

Discover more about the HP Elite x3, the future of business computing.

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