The new hero of every meeting

18 October 2016

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Fed up of endless meetings that don’t run smoothly? Aren’t we all. The HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms is shaking up how we communicate. Discover how modular PCs are the key to holding productive meetings.

The new hero of every meeting (Desktop)

What’s the worst thing about meetings? Bad coffee, endless chat about what everyone did at the weekend and being asked a question when you weren’t paying attention. They’re all contenders. But for most people, wasted time is the killer. We waste an incredible $37bn per year on unproductive meetings. C-Suite and IT management can spend up to 50% of their time in meetings.

From messing around trying to get laptops and projectors to connect, or fiddling with wires when a conference participant can’t dial in, meetings can be a massive productivity drain. Considering that workers in the UK spend up to 200 hours in meetings a year, this means there’s a lot of lost time going on.

The problems always feel worse when you’ve got a client or important guest in, or when you’re struggling to connect to a conference call. Wouldn’t life be simpler if there was a device which could connect calls at the touch of a button, while running all the programs you need with Windows 10?

Elite Slice is a modular mini PC that can serve several different functions in the office at the drop of a hat. That's thanks to a clever, modular design that uses "slices" to provide those different functions.Tech Radar

Say hello to the HP Elite Slice. The new modular mini-PC is easily configurable with layers that let you create a PC that’s a perfect match to whatever you need. Just pick a layer, like the Collaboration Cover and Audio Module, clip it on and voila: You’ve just created the perfect conferencing PC.

The HP Collaboration Cover for example, will let you run calls and conferences at the touch of a finger via the dedicated array of touch buttons on the topPocket-lint

These capacitive buttons are compatible with Windows 10 web chat apps, so Skype for Business will run seamlessly from your device. It’s really as simple as click to chat.

The Audio Module is created with Bang & Olufsen, and provides 360-degree sound. It’s optimised for voice, with a dual-array microphone set up that features noise cancellation. With a range of 5 metres, the mics can pick up voices without distortion throughout most meeting rooms.

We saw [the Collaboration Cover] in action at a demo. Place it on top of the Slice, and it turns the desktop into a Skype for Business phone... With the cover on, you can initiate a preset Skype call just by touching a capacitive button on the shell. Each Slice with the Collaboration module can have its own Skype number, effectively setting up a phone network without actual phone lines.Engadget UK

It’s a different way of computing, one that will revolutionise the way office-based workers will interact with colleagues and clients, whether they’re in the room or on the other side of the world.

Swapping out modules was demonstrated to be super-fast, and it all looks simply gorgeous.Tech Radar
Elite Slice is definitely an attractive, intriguing option for crowded offices that need portable desktops and want to do away with traditional phones.Engadget UK

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