The mobility revolution - free your workforce

22 June 2016

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Mobile technology has changed where, when and how we work – have you given your people the tools they need to work smarter instead of just harder?

The mobility revolution - free your workforce (Desktop)

When it first launched, the laptop changed everything. Then machines started getting thinner, and lighter and the connectivity options increased and made it easier than ever to work remotely. And now we’re seeing the next revolution in business technology.

Mobile technology is giving business users the opportunity to sidestep heavy or cumbersome equipment and accessories, instead working with mobile devices. For example, 60% of users already prefer to check email on a mobile device instead of a laptop, while 28% love using their own devices for conference calls.

The transition from desk-based to mobile working is a work in progress for a lot of businesses, which is why users are struggling. 65% experience difficulty transferring content to their phones, and 68% find it easier to access essential files on a computer. Users are feeling a real disconnect when switching between devices, instead of enjoying a seamless experience; 63% of people struggle with different experiences from one device to another.

Regardless of the problems and benefits of mobile working, this trend is happening whether employers are in control of it or not. Many employees are bringing their own devices to work, which is proving a mixed blessing.

Consumer devices are often more regularly updated and stylish than their business equivalents. So while employees gain the benefit of thinner and lighter devices, it is almost more difficult to regulate and secure them since they are designed for consumer markets. Security is a top concern for many business owners, and they want to keep their data safe. 

This is where the Elite x3 steps in.

  • Its connected to your office network, so no transfer trouble
  • Accessing files is the same as your notebook or desktop
  • The experience from PC to Elite X3 is essentially the same
  • With Windows Continuum, even the OS experience is the same

Elite x3 is built for business customers – its robust and durable, and powerful enough to keep up with the demands of a long days. And crucially it’s built with all of the security features of Windows 10 OS.

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