The future of IT services is outsourcing

23 February 2017

3 min read

Boost your business capabilities and lower expenditure by embracing the sharing economy and buying into outsource services.

The future of IT services is outsourcing (Desktop)

If the future of the workplace is flexible working hours, hot-desking and optional office time, it follows that technology must adapt according to the changing needs of business.

For some SMBs, permanent desk fixtures are no longer necessary for productivity. Instead, organisations are reaching for the cloud, embracing the sharing economy and turning to outsourced services to streamline operations, lower expenditure and increase productivity.


The business of the sharing economy

 As customers, we aren’t strangers to the appeal of the sharing economy to lift our incomes. Our homes can be hotels, our cars can be cabs and our personal cash can be borrowed by strangers. The rise of simple online technology and accessible IT have opened the doors for consumers who don’t mind collaborating and who want a second revenue stream to boost their personal cash-flow.

When it comes to the business world, the sharing economy has huge potential to the do the same; to increase profitability and drive efficiency by reducing expenses through workplace collaboration, shared technology and communal office space. In October 2016, WeWork raised $260 million in investment, offering a positive forecast for the future of shared space.

So how can SMBs jump on board the sharing bandwagon?

Unused assets. Offices are full of assets that others would find useful, like printers or fax machines. Floow2 is an online sharing marketplace where businesses can rent out their technology and their equipment.

Empty space. With the rise of remote working, spaces are freeing up in businesses everywhere and organisations can monetise their spare meeting rooms or desks. Try LiquidSpace if you want to list your space.

Borrowing money: Peer-to-peer lending platforms like Funding Circle help SMBs avoid the complex terms of a bank loan.


The benefit of outsourced business services

The business world is facing unprecedented demand from consumers who want the best, for the least and faster than ever. But developing the capabilities to deliver these demands isn’t something that businesses can turn around overnight. That’s when the traditional business model goes out and the new business model of outsourcing comes in.

Businesses can outsource everything they need to operate, from customer service to marketing to production. But rarely do they completely outsource their technology products and solutions. And with budget cuts putting IT managers under increasing pressure to deliver more for less - outsourcing IT and tech couldn’t come at a better time.

Service offerings can be a good option for companies to manage their PCs, laptops and mobile devices more flexibly. Companies have a contract and pay a monthly fee for the devices, rather than buying the hardware. Plus, they can also outsource their network, servers and anything related to their IT needs.

Flexibility. With outsourced IT solutions, businesses can ensure they’re using the latest technology to remain competitive.

Scalability. Businesses are in a constant state of change. With outsourced IT solutions, businesses can scale their tech up or down according to their needs at the time.

Leanness. Rather than invest thousands in equipment that might be out of date in six months time, outsourcing your IT equipment reduces unnecessary tech expenditure.

Security. With outsourced IT solutions, businesses can access to the latest security products and services to guard against network breaches.

The widespread adoption of the cloud and the accessibility of simpler, more advanced technology has catapulted the popularity of the sharing economy, outsourcing and subscription based services. It has also freed businesses from the constraints of owning equipment and space and helped managers regain lost time spent sorting out IT and technology issues and updates - time that can now be invested back into the most important areas of the business.


If your business could benefit from outsourced IT service solutions, HP Subscriptions can help to ensure your company is equipped with the latest technology for all PCs and devices, affordably managed by our team of experts. Contact your HP Channel partners to find out more.