The changing face of IT services

24 February 2017

2 min read

Empower your workforce by switching to subscription - the new way of managing your IT services.

The changing face of IT services (Desktop)

The business benefits of outsourcing IT services are substantial, as <we’ve seen>. An outsourced IT service model based on big data, mobile technology and the cloud helps businesses achieve greater flexibility, scalability, security and streamlining. But when it comes to transforming IT services management, businesses mustn’t forget their most important asset - their employees. If a workforce isn’t equipped with the right technology, cracks can appear in business foundations and pressure is placed on the bottom line.

The latest technology isn’t ‘latest’ for long, however, and the expense of updating workforce equipment every year can be a barrier to SMBs. That’s where a technology subscription model, like HP Subscriptions, can really help. HP Subscriptions removes the hard cost of buying IT technology can help businesses of every size make sure they give their employees access to leading technology, the latest security and the tools they need to be their most productive. HP Subscriptions also offers rapid IT service responses, so that businesses don’t have to worry about downtime.

The next generation of IT solutions is the subscription model

IT managers are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less for businesses and employees. According to new research, 16% of businesses have made reducing the costs of their IT a strategic priority for 2016 and 30% are using IT to make their business more cost effective.

No longer are IT departments simply considered a cost and service centre, they’re also expected to be an integral centre for innovation in their organisations - helping to pave the way for business growth - a far more complex role.

IT subscription models using devices-as-a-service (Daas) and software-as-a-service (Saas) that prioritise the needs of the users are becoming increasingly prevalent as a way to enhance business and employee performance.

Why businesses should switch to an IT subscription model

Empower your workforce with the latest, fastest tools they need to perform most productively.

Keep up with the competition by ensuring your team isn’t slowed down by older equipment. With an HP subscription, you can afford the same tech as a business with a much bigger budget.

Lower your costs by reducing the frequency of repairs associated with using technology for an extended period of time and any downtime your employees suffer. With HP Subscriptions, your tech is replaced every three years - the age that PCs begin to show vulnerability to viruses and failure rates.

Which HP products and services can businesses subscribe to?

With one regular monthly payment, HP Subscriptions allows you to control your cash flow, have access to the latest devices and services for your business - and employee - needs.

The latest hardware: power your team with the latest desktop PCs, workstations, laptops, tablets, monitors and printers.

The latest software: reduce any downtime with invaluable device management tools:

How to make the switch to HP Subscriptions

It couldn’t be simpler to switch to HP Subscriptions and start making time and cost savings instantly.

  1. Sign up

    For a quote based on your budget and your business needs.

  2. Gear up

    With your new HP Subscription equipment that lasts for two years minimum.

  3. Refresh your tech

    After 2-3 years by returning and replacing your products

Prepare your business for the future of IT services with an HP Subscription.