Tech trends in 2020: Security and privacy

2 July 2014


In a world where everyone is connected, where there are 1 trillion sensors and huge increases in the amount of data being stored and analyzed, today’s security systems won’t be able to protect our privacy or keep us safe from determined cyber attackers.

Tech trends in 2020: Security and privacy (Desktop)

By 2020, security systems will be more adaptive and dynamic in order to automatically thwart attacks from an ever-increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Security systems will harness intelligence to proactively anticipate and take action against cyber threats – they will find risk before it finds you.

Enterprise implications

Security and privacy have implications at the inter-government level. With ubiquitous sensors, precisely how much personal information should be stored or gathered? If everything is RFID tagged, for example, an individual can determine when and where you bought your clothes, your watch, your briefcase and your mobile device. Do you really want someone to be able to do that?

Take a look at the following infographic revealing which security risks concern senior IT executives most: 

Top security and risk management concerns of Senior IT Executives

Whatever you're most concerned about, one thing is certain: the proportion of effort the enterprise has to spend on ensuring privacy and security is going to increase by 2020.