Say goodbye to wasted time when travelling

15 April 2016

3 min read

As airports get more crowded, what are the biggest time wasting problems facing people who travel for business?

Say goodbye to wasted time when travelling (Desktop)

It’s a familiar story.

Your itinerary is planned down to the minute. The taxi to the airport arrives on time and if you’re lucky traffic isn’t too bad. You pull into the airport with plenty of time to settle with a coffee and get some emails cleared before you get on your flight.

That’s when things tend to go wrong for business travellers.

Slow WIFI, endless queues, and non-stop noise are all unfortunate realities of modern flying.

It shouldn’t be too much to expect a bit of peace and quiet while you get on with your day, should it? But frequent flyers will be all too familiar with long queues, lack of personal space and a lot of wasted time.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Imagine a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the airport and just sit down to check your emails in peace?  Between the 19th April and the 16th of May, HP’s Work and Fly stand is going to be at Heathrow to fight back against the biggest problems facing business travellers.

  1. Battery life

    Arguably the most annoying problem facing travellers. It doesn’t matter if you leave your home or office with a full charge, by midday most people are nervously checking their remaining battery life. Power intensive tasks like Skype for Business conference calls can cause an average laptop battery to drain faster than a free bar at a networking event.

    Smartphones suffer a similar fate. Constant notifications, a power-hungry WIFI connection and checking emails every five minutes all adds up. Factor in large, high-resolution screens and a multitude of background apps and your smartphone will be in need of a charging cable in no time at all.

    If you’re struggling to find a plug and want to charge in peace, then don’t forget about the Work and Fly stand. Plug in, charge up and enjoy.

  2. Unreliable WIFI

    Free WIFI is a blessing and curse to the average traveller. Free data is fantastic, but the time spent tracking down login details and then struggling to authenticate almost makes struggling on a smartphone an easier option.

    When you finally manage to authenticate your login then there’s always the problem of finding a space with a strong enough WIFI connection to be fast enough to use and regular enough to not drop out every few seconds. Open wireless networks can also be dangerous for data security, with hackers primed to take steal information from unprotected devices.

    If you’re struggling to find a speedy and reliable WIFI connection, then swing by the Work and Fly stand. HP are providing unlimited high-speed WIFI – enjoy.

  3. Too much noise

    People, whether they’re in a good mood or a bad mood (and usually it’s one or the other at an airport), like to make a lot of noise. It can be impossible to find your focus when surrounded by general chatter or shouting, let alone consider making calls.

    If you were dreading making a conference call or checking in the office through the hubbub of a busy airport, then the Work and Fly stand is ready and waiting. Set up in a quiet corner and catch up with colleagues and clients without fear of being interrupted.

  4. Relaxation

    Stressful airports can take the fun out of your day and drain your energy from more productive endeavours. An endless queue for a mediocre coffee and sandwich, which you eat on the floor because there are no free seats is no one’s idea of a good time

    Travel is meant to be a great experience, so enjoy a comfortable seat, free beverages and a place to relax in the Work and Fly stand.

The HP Work and Fly stand will be running at Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt airports between 19th April and 16th of May. We’ll also be demonstrating a range of our latest laptops and PCs, like the HP Elitebook Folio which makes working on the go easier than ever, with military grade durability, long battery life, and powerful processor.

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