Reflections on Bett 2016

28 January 2016


Last week, over 36,000 visitors travelled to ExCeL London to hear from the UK’s brightest education talent.

Reflections on Bett 2016 (Desktop)

The 32nd edition of the show, was the biggest yet welcoming an inspirational line-up of speakers, government officials from the UK, France and Russia and more students and teachers than ever before.

While there were countless highlights throughout the event, here are our five of our favourite Bett moments:

  1. Nicky Morgan MP

    HP Stand BETT 20.01.16 (-®ElyseMarks) 058.jpg

    Education secretary, Nicky Morgan MP, opened the show explaining what the UK government believe technology can bring to education.

    “We see teachers as our greatest resource but there are plenty of ways in which we see technology as an aid. As a starting point there are things that ease the smooth running of school days like capturing data for class registers, attainment and pupil progress.”

  2. Professor Sugata Mitra

    HP Stand BETT 20.01.16 (-®ElyseMarks) 038.jpg

    Sugata Mitra Professor of Educational Technology at the School of Education, Newcastle University, UK spoke at Bett too.

    Sugata was awarded the $1m TED Prize in 2013 for his work helping build a School in the Cloud, a creative online space where students can gather to answer 'big questions', share knowledge and receive support from online educators.

    During his speech Sugata shared his vision for education where rather than teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, children would be taught about "comprehension, communication and computation."

  3. Minecraft: Education Edition

    HP Stand BETT 20.01.16 (-®ElyseMarks) 068.jpg

    The evening before Bett, Microsoft announced that an education edition of Minecraft was to be launched. Available this summer, Minecraft: Education Edition was a hit on the HP stand and will allow schools to access a richer set of Minecraft features designed to give more teachers a valuable classroom tool.

  4. Dr Sue Black OBE

    HP Stand BETT 20.01.16 (-®ElyseMarks) 071.jpg

    Recently named one of the top 50 women in technology in Europe, Dr Sue Black OBE took part in a debate asking how the further education & skills sectors can collaborate to encourage girls to engage, invest and excel in STEM training.

    Dr Black argued that organisations “should be creating an environment where everyone can do what they want to do. We should move away from gender roles.”

  5. Sprout Pro by HP

    HP Stand BETT 20.01.16 (-®ElyseMarks) 065.jpg

    Throughout Bett it was great to see students, teachers and other attendees enjoying Sprout . On the eve of the show HP launched Sprout Pro by HP designed for education and businesses.

    By leveraging Sprout's blend of tactile, visual and audio engagement, teachers can now transform the classroom into an immersive educational experience that revolutionizes learning, creating, collaborating and sharing.

Interested to learn more about Bett 2016? Watch the video below sharing our highlights: