Make these changes today to help your business save cash

6 October 2015

3 min read

Unsure which money saving tips could actually save your business money? Follow these 6 tips to make real savings.

Make these changes today to help your business save cash (Desktop)

There is a popular myth that inkjet printing is expensive, too slow and produces lower quality prints than other competitive printing methods. Using HP’s PageWide technology, which packs 40,000 nozzles on a stationary printhead that spans the whole width of the page, HP’s OfficeJet X series printers are delivering up to double the speed of comparable laser printers for half the running costs.

In this post we share 6 reasons why your SMB should use an OfficeJet Pro X printer to save money.

  1. Speed saves money and time

    Time is money and money matters to every business. Minutes spent standing around a printer or waiting for a colleague’s job to run is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

    It’s true that laser printers used to be faster, but inkjets now hold the speed crown. Thanks to a HP PageWide printhead, HP’s fastest OfficeJet Enterprise X585 series printers can print monochrome and colour pages at speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. Inkjets are now fast, efficient and keep your business working at maximum capacity.

  2. Save the environment, save money

    If you’re serious about your corporate and social responsibilities, then ink is the only way to go. Other printing methods require a lot of heat and energy. Throw in emissions, imaging drums and engines that might not last the lifespan of a printer, not to mention the size of toner cartridges and packaging. Saving the environment eventually saves you more money in terms of electricity too. In fact, HP OfficeJet Pro X or HP Enterprise X series printers use up to 84 per cent less energy than some equivalent laser printers, and can consume less than half the energy of running an 18W light bulb over a year. HP OfficeJet X series printers could reduce the carbon footprint of your printing by up to 55 per cent. A recent study by IDC and HP showed that you could save the equivalent of 189 litres of petrol over 100,000 pages. Ignore ink, and you’re pouring it down the drain.

  3. Quality and colourful prints for less

    Some organisations feel that only laser printers can produce high-quality prints, but inkjet printers are fully capable of delivering crisp text, sharp graphics and rich, black output. Using pigment inks, HP OfficeJet Pro X and HP Enterprise X models also produce prints that are water and smear-resistant, so wiping with a finger or marking with a highlighter won’t result in some ugly, discolored mess. Opt for ink, and you’ll be able to make more use of colour, without blowing your budgets.

  4. Reliability and less downtime

    Reliability has moved from being a weakness for inkjet printers to a strength, with HP’s OfficeJet Pro X and Enterprise X printers trouncing many laser rivals. For a start, PageWide technology is a win in reliability terms. With no moving printhead there are fewer moving parts, and an optical detection system works constantly, checking the volume, speed and trajectory of hundreds of ink drops every second to ensure that each nozzle is working perfectly.

    A test by the independent Buyers Laboratory found that the HP OfficeJet Enterprise X585dn could print more than 200,000 pages without a single failure.

  5. Lower Purchasing Costs

    Generally speaking, inkjets cost less to buy than lasers and this is as true of office inkjets as it is of consumer models. Take a good look at the price of a workgroup-ready HP OfficeJet Pro X476dw multifunction printer, which runs at speeds of 55ppm, works with established print and management tools and can handle workloads of up to 4,200 pages per month. Now try and find a laser printer with an equivalent spec and the same sort of price tag. It won’t be easy. With HP you could also receive cashback when you purchase your new OfficeJet Pro X.

  6. Lower Purchasing Costs

    Perceived wisdom on inkjet printers used to be that the money you saved on the purchase cost would be lost on the higher ongoing printing costs, with sizable interest. That’s no longer the case, and by ignoring ink in the office you could easily be shelling out more than you need to for every page.

    In tests, HP OfficeJet Pro X and Enterprise X printers have been up to 50 per cent cheaper than comparable laser printers on cost-per-page, with high yield cartridges keeping black and white prints to less than 1p and colour prints to approximately 5p. When many office lasers run at twice that cost per page – or more – you might be throwing away a penny with every mono print or 5p with every colour page.

Want to see how much you can save your business? Find out how with our easy to use print savings calculator.