Keep Reinventing

26 February 2016

2 min read

Is the office really changing enough to need transformation? What is your business doing to reinvent itself? Surely a company can’t keep reinventing indefinitely?

Keep Reinventing (Desktop)

HP has been a leader in print technology for over 30 years and today it announces a reinvention in business printing, PageWide technology – a third technology to sit alongside existing leading InkJet and LaserJet product categories.

Rewinding back to 1984: HP launched its first LaserJet printer and the office and the way we worked were very different to today. What else has changed in 30 years?

Business computing has perhaps seen the most significant cycle of reinvention and the computing devices we use today bear little resemblance to the computers of the mid-1980s. We’ve seen business computing transform from centralised mainframes into desktop PCs. We’ve seen those PCs evolve in terms of power and usability, with graphical user interfaces making computers accessible to the masses rather than a select few.

Desktop computers became laptop computers, lighter, thinner and more powerful with every generation, and tablet computers took portability to the next level. Today we’re seeing business computing reinvented again with the rise of 2-in-1 devices that marry the usability of tablets with the productivity of laptops – devices like the HP Elite X2 1012 really do deliver business users the best of both worlds.

Then there’s the humble telephone. Once the most powerful tool in business for its ability to connect people across vast distances, it’s still an immensely powerful tool, but for different reasons.

The phone saw its first major reinvention when mobile handsets became both affordable and usable. Initially using basic analogue technology, these mobiles did their job, albeit with patchy reception and variable audio quality. The move to digital mobile technology didn’t take long and the explosion in the spread became almost viral.

Then mobiles became smartphones and as user interfaces improved the growth continued to the app filled world that most of us live and work in today. Today we carry more computing power in our pockets than many businesses used to house in their computer suites. There’s very little that we can’t do on our phones, whether in terms of business or personal use, and voice calling has been significantly marginalised as a result.

And even the line between computer and smartphone phone is now blurring. The new HP Elite X3 is a Windows 10 mobile phone that can also power a laptop. By itself the HP Elite X3 will provide a class leading large screen smartphone or phablet experience, but you can plug it into a docking station at home or in the office and it will power a paired laptop.

Take a look at the way businesses work – constant and global access to email, video conferencing, business apps that ensure that our work is always in our pocket, social media platforms that transform how we engage a customer. The way that we work bears little resemblance to the world of the past and technology is at the heart of that.

Just as the office is constantly reinventing itself, HP printers are no exception. Having invented business printing over three decades ago, HP has come full circle and done it again. Thanks to its fixed printhead and advanced paper handling system, PageWide printers can provide unprecedented speed, value and quality for commercial users, giving businesses the opportunity to continue to invest in the future. However your business might reinvent itself, HP has your business printing needs covered.