Is your IT infrastructure costing you money?

28 July 2016


IT infrastructure can make or break a business, so which way does yours lean? It’s time to discover a better way.

It can be expensive to endlessly refresh older models, which is why many SMBs make do and maintain what they’ve got. While this helps make short term savings, the incremental cost of maintenance soon creeps up. Small businesses are spending an average of $427 per 4+ years old PC per year.

Small businesses with 50-99 employees can face a cost of $521 for the same work.

Surprisingly, this equals or even exceeds the purchase price of a lot of new PCs. So what’s stopping people from getting their ideal IT device solution? Budget.

Many businesses struggle with constantly finding the funds to improve the technology and powers your business. This is where a subscription service could help.

Think of it like a mobile phone contract but for everything you need to make your business great. HP Subscription is a new way to access business technology, combining best in class hardware, services and software under one easily managed monthly fee.

Not only will this give you significant savings on keeping old kit going, it provides you with instant access to the latest hardware at a lower cost than ever. Subscribing is the new buying.

Ask your reseller about HP subscription packages and start eliminating the cost of old and inefficient technology.

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