How next gen is your workplace?

22 June 2016

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The workforce is changing across every profession and industry, how does your experience compare?

How next gen is your workplace? (Desktop)

Remote working and collaboration are currently making waves across every industry. We’re experiencing an exciting time for businesses, when old styles of working are beginning to be phased out, in favour of newer, more co-operative methods.

For example, 70% of US offices are now open plan, creating a more open and collaborative working environment. A substantial 94% of workers are of the opinion that collaboration is a critically important part of their working experience. Deskmag estimates that 2.3 million freelancers will regularly use co-working spaces by 2018, which shows the the scale of remote work. It’s essential to take note of this trend and adapt your business to stay current and competitive;

“You might have developed a beautiful business plan and you might love the ideas in it. But you have to be bold enough and flexible enough to say 'if this doesn't work, I need to change'.” Jose Moncada, Founder, Bolsa Social

While collaboration and remote working might seem the antithesis of one another, by giving people the right tools, they can still communicate and stay in touch wherever they’re working.

Considering that 62% of employees already work from more than one location, it’s essential to support their choice of work mode with technology that can keep up with them. This form of mobile working also brings other challenges.

Meetings and teleconferencing are a large part of remote working; however, an average of 12 minutes are wasted every time someone sets up. Instead of an easy plug and play process, often businesses users struggle to connect to networks and incompatible technology.

Another major concern of employers is the safety of their data on mobile devices. Every time a device goes offsite it raises the chance that it could be lost or connected to an unsecure connection in a coffee shop or from an employee’s home. 92% of Forbes Global 2000 Companies have reported data breaches in the past year, showing that data security is a huge issue.

Establishing safe ways of working and educating staff on best practice should work in tandem with devices that are designed to be secure.

The Elite X3 is a device that’s been built for business, with integrated security features that have been built directly into the hardware and operating system. It’s a seamless experience, offering the chance to dock and work instantly with any screen for a familiar PC quality from a device the size of a mobile. Users will literally be able to carry the power of a PC around in their pocket and reinvent the way they work.

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