How HP’s JetIntelligence technology can benefit modern businesses

28 April 2015

4 min read

Busy and modern workplaces demand greener, faster, more efficient and smaller printers. Discover how HP’s new JetIntelligence technology can help.

How HP’s JetIntelligence technology can benefit modern businesses (Desktop)

Sustainability and efficiency goals are changing how we work – requiring businesses to utilise greener, faster, more efficient and smaller printers.

Built on the latest toner formulation, HP’s new LaserJet printers use up to 53 per cent less energy, occupy up to 40 per cent less space and print in a fraction of the time of their predecessors. They have a number of other brand new features, and there are various ways in which they can benefit modern businesses.

53% greener

Today’s businesses are increasingly green aware. Sustainability experts are calling on the UK’s small businesses to make considerable changes to their office efficiency. There are obvious advantages to energy efficiency in business and no company wants to use more resources than it has to, but the larger measures can be costly or difficult to implement immediately.

Embracing more sustainable technologies which replace outdated and inefficient processes is one way in which SMEs can lead the way, while also saving money in the process. HP is the only global IT company to set carbon-reduction goals for its entire value chain (including product portfolio).

The HP LaserJet series use 50 per cent less energy and its MFPs boast a 13 per cent lower total energy consumption. The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M552 and M553 series are ideal for larger workgroups of five to 15 users printing up to 6,000 pages per month.

Helping save IT managers time and money, the series prints at high speed while achieving both the lowest total energy consumption and fastest double-sided printing speed in its class. HP Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence deliver more pages per cartridge than predecessors and, because you can authenticate from a Cloud queue, the HP JetAdvantage Private Print helps reduce waste from misprinted jobs.

40% smaller

It’s predicted that the office of 2020 will be up to 17 per cent smaller than the office of 2015. Work won’t be in one place, meeting room spaces will be fluid and this means that furniture and devices must evolve accordingly.

HP’s new devices take up to 40 per cent less space, fitting seamlessly into today’s smaller, more communal workspaces, making them ideal for a more agile work setting. The HP Color LaserJet Pro M252 series is both compact and energy-efficient.

The new series is up to 33 per cent smaller than competing devices, making it perfect for a small workgroup with mobile printing needs. The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277 series is the smallest laser multi-function printer (MFP), as well as offering the fastest two-sided printing in its class. This means you can cover all your printing needs but also have room for the boss’s pet rubber plant.

40% faster

Time never goes as slowly as when you are waiting for an urgent document to print. And in business time, speed is everything. Mobile printing technology has meant that business owners and employees can attend a meeting off site, send a document back to the office for printing and pick it up in time for lunch.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro M252 series offers the fastest first-page-out in its class, printing up to 18 pages per minute. You can also manage jobs and settings quickly with the four-line colour display and 10-key pad for PIN printing. The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277 series offers the fastest two-sided printing in its class while the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M552 and M553 series offer the fastest double-sided printing.

Easy mobile printing options mean that you can print with just a touch of your mobile device, with no access to the company network or time-consuming setup required. You can also access time-saving apps from the 7.6cm touchscreen and scan directly to email, network folders and the Cloud — so you barely even have to introduce yourself to the rest of the office while you print your boarding tickets out.

33% busier

Modern workplaces are busier than ever. Despite technological advancements which should mean we don’t need to work at all, we’re working harder than ever before. And nobody’s working harder than the trusty old office printer. Luckily, HP’s new printers can deliver up to 33% more pages.

Its next-generation ColorSphere 3 toner is specifically designed to keep up with the high-speed performance of HP LaserJet printers and multi-function devices. The toner’s soft core melts at a much lower temperature, which means more pages with greater energy efficiency. Moreover, page-maximiser technology delivers more pages per cartridge than previous generations with less internal wear.

Advanced workflow capabilities mean HP’s LaserJet printers help you handle demanding tasks in fewer steps and manage documents more efficiently. Print-gauge technology intelligently predicts toner levels so there’s no more running out of toner at the last minute. Sadly, this also means no more cheeky breaks while you wait for the annual report to print out or nip out for a new printer cartridge.