HP #KeepReinventing meets filmmaker

21 March 2016


Our Keep-Reinventing film project, in collaboration with Genero TV, has found its film maker. Meet Joshua Jackson.

HP #KeepReinventing meets filmmaker (Desktop)

We asked the Genero TV community to make a film around the theme Keep Reinventing, and Josh’s response really caught our eye. He was one of the first people to ever shoot a music video in infra-red and he regularly pushes the boundaries visually; his last music video was shot underwater on double exposed 35mm film.

Josh and his team have been making films for years and they had an incredible 2015. Between getting signed to some of best agents in London for directing and writing respectively (OB Management, Curtis Brown) their producer joined AimImage and has produced two features, one currently on a theatrical release.

They were really excited to tell a bold story, realised in innovative visuals with a credible and clever place for the HP ZBook at the centre.

We are proud to present: Neil

Neil Harbisson is the world’s first cyborg. He is officially half-human, half-robot.

In 2004, Neil had an antenna (a lightweight eyepiece that he wears on his forehead) fused to his skull. Born seeing only in black and white, the surgery allowed him, for the first time in his life, to perceive colour.

He began life excluded from the hues so fundamental to our existence that we barely even register them. The antenna changed everything....

The HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation

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Armed with dual HP Z Turbo Drive speed and incredible NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, the new ZBook Studio Mobile Workstation is an on-the-go force to be reckoned with, relied on by the world’s top creators to bring their visions to life.

Welcome to the reinvention of the workstation

On working on HP Zbook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation, Josh says “While we shot on 35mm film the majority of our shoot - we did shoot one scene with a Red Dragon camera RAW at 6K with a very low compression. This resulted in a huge file.”

“ We used the ZBook Studio to transcode this to ProRes 422 for offline editing. For a mobile workstation, it was blisteringly fast, making short work of the transcodes and vastly outperforming the other hardware I normally use.”Joshua Jackson

“We used Red's proprietary system - Red Cine X pro without the additional external hardware acceleration of a Red Rocket Card. For DIT's who need to work remotely without a big hardware accelerated docking station, the ZBook would be great. Though we didn't use it for editing - I can see how it would be a great too for doing edits on the fly on set.

“Lastly - we had it on pretty much all day during the shoot and it didn't need charging!”

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