Case Study: DEVK

3 April 2017

Case Study

Find out how German insurer DEVK reduced energy and print costs by more than 60%

Case Study: DEVK (Desktop)

Print is inherent in everything we do and a typical office worker is said to generate some 10,000 pages a year. Printer purchases are high on the business agenda and the main criteria are cost, quality, speed and security. If low energy consumption also supports a sound environmental policy, you have the perfect print scenario.

Balancing these needs often means sacrificing one benefit or another but HP has now addressed all these issues with its PageWide range of business printers. Designed for teams who produce up to 7,500 pages a month, PageWide machines boost productivity with output of 70 pages a minute and feature embedded security, all combined with low energy consumption that’s good for the environment and brings a great total cost of ownership.

DEVK saves almost €3,000 a year on power

German insurer DEVK prints 24 million pages a year and it’s absolutely essential that staff have efficient, intuitive print devices. It has reduced its electricity costs by 70% with its HP PageWide Pro and HP PageWide Enterprise printers and overall print costs have fallen by 60%. Also, since the PageWide machines do not emit dust, the work environment is safer for employees.

“The cost per page is lower because the consumables are much cheaper than for laser printers,” says head of IT, Thomas Liebens. “We also save many thousands of Euros in electricity costs each year as the PageWide devices are very energy efficient. They use 705 to 85% less power than the laser devices.”

Quality combined with economy

The world’s largest chain of perfumeries, Sephora, also praises the relatively low cost of operation with its PageWide printers achieving up to 50% lower cost per page and one sixth of the energy consumption of comparable laser devices.

“The HP printers do not cause any problems during use and the print quality in economy mode is more than sufficient,” says IT project manager of Sephora Polska, Mateusz Leszczynski. “What’s more, other vendors were not able to beat HP’s pricepoint for single colour print.”

And, after replacing its fleet of 50 legacy printers with HP PageWide Pro models, award-winning video game developer Codemasters has noticed a saving of 42% in print costs and 50% in energy usage.

level security for customer data

Security was a major concern for German bank Volksbank KaiserslauternNordwestpfalz as its head of IT Reiner Hoffmann explains: “We have been focusing on the topic of IT security for some time now and are one of the few banks in Germany to have been certified to DIN ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards, which we first achieved a few years ago. This means that TÜV Hessen has repeatedly certified that we handle our customers’ electronic data extremely securely but there was one area of IT security that always gave me a headache – our printers.

“By using a combination of SafeCom and HP JetAdvantage Security Manager software with our HP PageWide printers, we have been able to reach a very high level of security – exactly what we have wanted for many years.”

Paper use halved

However, these benefits are not achieved at the expense of print speed and quality. At the UK’s Norwood Crescent Primary School, their HP PageWide OfficeJet Pro enables teachers to be more productive and the time they save is re-deployed preparing for lessons to improve education levels. The PageWide Pro reduces paper use by up to 50% with automatic two-sided printing and uses up to 50% less energy.

“The quality is excellent and the speed is remarkable,” comments the school’s ICT manager, Brian Jukes. “We rarely need to change the inks, getting around 9,200 prints per black cartridge and the printer never breaks down.”

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