A day in the life of the Elite x3

22 June 2016


The Elite x3 makes a lot of promises but exactly how could it fit in to your day? Meet Tom, our fictional owner of the Elite x3.

A day in the life of the Elite x3 (Desktop)


I’m Tom, a sales manager. I’m working from home this morning, on my Elite x3. I’ve docked it to my standalone LED monitor, which means I get access to the full Windows 10 experience. So far today I’ve connected remotely to the company server and I’m working on a spreadsheet stored on it.

It’s small but the three-in-one Elite x3 has the power and performance of a PC, so I don’t have any issues running programs and viewing documents on a bigger screen.


My first meeting is starting soon, so after saving my work to the remote server I undock and put the Elite x3 in my pocket. It’s as easy as that to take a PC experience with me. It’s lightweight, unobtrusive and best of all I don’t need to rely on clumsy accessories to make it work the way I need it to.

I’ve just received an email from my boss, telling me to make some changes to a presentation I’ll be using in the meeting later. Microsoft PowerPoint opens quickly and due to the size of the screen and processing power, I can use the Elite x3 like a tablet and make the changes. There’s none of the lag or hold up that I’d usually experience from other mobile devices, which struggle to handle large files.


The meeting is about to start and the Elite x3 seamlessly connects to the projector thanks to Windows Continuum. This means the presentation opens up without the usual wasted time or set up. There are quite a few multimedia slides in it, including a video case study, but they play immediately without lagging. This is thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, and the premium Bang & Olufsen speakers fill the meeting room with crystal clear sound. It makes a great impression on my clients.


So the meeting was a huge success and I call my boss on the Elite x3 to let him know. It’s a busy platform with loads of background noise but luckily there’s noise cancelling technology built in, so we can talk without missing a word.


It’s the end of the day and I’m getting ready to leave the office. The Elite x3 is plugged into the lapdock accessory, which means I get a bright HD screen to work on. It’s so portable and lightweight I’ve had no problem moving between meeting rooms and over to the desks of my team members. Everyone appreciates how mobile it is and how easy it is to have conversations – or move to wherever we can manage to get a free meeting space.

The HP Elite x3 is the device that lets you work your way. It’s a three-in-once device that combines the power and performance of a PC with the versatility and mobility of a tablet and the convenience of a smartphone.

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