5 top apps for your business travel

11 November 2014

2 min read

Despite the wealth of remote working devices, travelling to meet clients and suppliers face-to-face is still key to doing good business. We introduce the only apps you’ll need.

5 top apps for your business travel (Desktop)

  1. Expensify


    Hotels, meals, transport... if the business is paying, that means a wallet full of receipts by the end of the trip. But with Expensify on your smartphone, claiming back your costs is a doddle. When you get a receipt, snap a photo of it with your phone’s camera and choose the account you want it in – and that’s it. The software reads the price and adds it to the account. You can even give it access to your credit card or bank account. News website Mashable described it as “expenses made fun”. Imagine that.

  2. Word Lens

    Word Lens

    If you’re travelling to a country whose language you’re not familiar with, menus, direction signs and travel literature can be an impenetrable barrier to getting by. But with the remarkable Word Lens in your pocket, you’ve got a translator that works at the speed of light. Point the camera at the sign and the app will translate it and retain the font and layout for maximum ease. It will translate Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, so that’s a huge proportion of the globe covered, and more languages are sure to follow.

  3. Seatguru


    Seatguru.com is a booking website from TripAdvisor and it’s built a neat app to accompany it – and you – on your travels. Need a seat with a power point for your laptop? Want the seat with the best views? Looking for a last-minute bargain ticket? Seatguru lets you specify certain seats with live booking information from the top airlines and travel agencies. There’s also a handy live flight tracker to keep on the ball. And, being a TripAdvisor product, expect frank reviews from other passengers.

  4. XE Currency Pro

    XE Currency Pro

    Whether you’re around the negotiating table or dining out, mentally converting foreign currencies into your own just isn’t precise. If you’ve got the XE Currency app on your phone, you can really get down to business. It will track any currencies in the world and show you their value in your home currency, and just like XE’s trusted website, it’ll let you make bang-up-to-the-minute conversions. For just over a pound, the Pro version lets you monitor twice as many currencies, and it’s ad-free.

  5. Waze


    Don’t be put off by the cute graphics, Waze is a powerful satnav app designed to guide you to your destination in the shortest possible time. It works by collecting live reports on the conditions on the roads from its millions of users. Traffic jam, congestion and hazard reports all feed into the central map, so Waze knows the average speed on each stretch of road – and when it calculates that your current route is slower than an alternative – it’ll tell you to divert. Google recently bought the company for a billion dollars, and that will only mean more users and even faster, more precise reports.

So with your travel arrangements, costs, currencies, navigation and a little local understanding in your pocket, all you’ve got to worry about is getting the deal done, wherever you are in the world.

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